Anhui Estone Materials Technology Co., Ltd. established in January 2006 with a registered capital of 136 million yuan, awarded national high-tech enterprise in 2012.Our company's products have obtained EU REACH certification. In December 2019, Estone was awarded the "2019 Innovative Technology Product Award" and the "2019 Fast-Growing Company" at the industry's largest "High-tech Lithium Battery & Electric Vehicle Annual Conference",

   The main products are advanced inorganic non-metal composite materials, which are widely used in three major fields: active safety materials for new energy power batteries, 5G communication electronic materials, and environmentally friendly fire-retardant materials. Our customers are leaders at power batteries home and abroad. The company has always adhered to independent innovation, focused on research and development of new products, aiming at the urgent need of downstream customers. Persisted in “leading, innovation and profession first, then comes project approval, expansion and participation”. Building core competitiveness with an international perspective, insisted on hard work accumulation and stable development, Estone is now an industry-leading provider of advanced inorganic non-metal composite materials and application solutions supplier.

The company currently covers an area of 260 acres and own more than 300 employees, the researching group led by chairman, internationally professional expert serves as R & D director, professors of University of Science and Technology of China are also employed as chief scientist. Estone Scientific Research and Innovation Center located in Hefei High-tech Zone, and wholly-owned subsidiary was established as well, and we will focus on Hefei in the future.

  The company's IPO prospects are clear, employees are always encouraged, rewarded and respected, employees can realize their personal value at work. We sincerely welcome you to join us.

  Estone takes the meaning of one materials from stone to reach everywhere.Although we are just focucing in the inorganic materials,we have the great ambition to change the world. In Mandarin, the word E is a homophone for relying, indicating we rely on stones, expressing the company's will to focus on the main business, to provide high-quality products and services for global users. And "Estone" means "Electronic stone", meaning the company's main business is functional inorganic materials applied in the field of electronics.